The Number One Choice in Travel Incentives for Your Business

“A happy employee relates that happiness to customers and vice-versa for unhappy ones”

We know how important your business is to you. And we are quite certain you would like to increase your profits and establish customer loyalty, two of the most important aspects of running a company. That is why we offer incentive marketing solutions. To give our clients the competitive edge they deserve. With our effective travel incentives, it is proven that you will be more likely to generate additional leads, increase sales, and penetrate your market on a deeper level.

Travel is by far, the most appealing incentive you could offer through your business. EVERYBODY wants a FREE vacation! Watch how hard your salespeople will work, watch your clients’ and customers’ excitement as they are handed a free travel voucher, THEN as word gets around, watch your sales and competitive advantage begin to soar!

Travel Incentives Work. And Here’s Why!

You don’t have to take our word for it. Industry surveys conducted by the Incentive Federation have also verified that how effective travel incentives are over other rewards such as gift cards, attraction passes, electronics and even cash!

They have been proven to:

  • Travel incentives have been proven to motivate employees to achieve set sales goals, which in turn increase sales and profits.
  • They offer positive recognition and let employees know they are appreciated and valued.
  • Enhance company loyalty and employee retention
  • Vacations offer memories that last a lifetime, and they will be traced back to your company!
  • Travel incentives earned through a company can also promote team building and build comradery. Both creating a happier work and family-like work environment
  • Creates happy customers! Who doesn’t want a free travel voucher when they buy something? These happy customers then share their stories with others, influencing others to do business with your company.

What We Offer

Ready to implement one of the most effective incentive strategies of all times? Kalilei Vacations offers our clients a wide variety of incentive vacations to choose from. And we always ensure our travel agents give you and your clients the very best customer service the travel industry has to offer. Your customers become our top priority as well. We provide incentive vacations that guarantee your customers or employees are happy. We keep them coming back for more!

You have the options to choose:

  • 5 Day Cruise Vouchers
  • Las Vegas Vouchers
  • Disneyland/Universal Vouchers
  • Hawaii Vouchers
  • Multi-Destination Vouchers
  • Facebook Vacation Giveaway

Who We Can Help

Finding innovative ways to motivate employees and entice customers is usually very challenging. At Kalilei Vacations, we know we have the perfect promotion for your company. We have the tools to create one of the most successful incentive packages no matter what industry your company may be in. We specialize in the following departments:

  • Credit Unions
  • Dealerships
  • Furniture
  • Home Improvement
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Real Estate
  • Marketing Departments
  • Medical and Dental Offices

How It Works

It’s really very simple.

When you partner with us for your travel incentives, we give you all the tools and marketing material you need. For FREE.

When your customer is attracted by the advertisement and makes a purchase, or if your employees meet their goals, you present them with the travel certificates we have provided you. We take it from there and have our certified travel agents book the incentive vacations.

You can expect up to 25% on your ROI for advertising.

Ready to get started? Call Kalilei Vacations to set up your travel marketing incentives today!