“If you fulfill the wishes of your employees and customers, your employees and customers will fulfill your visions.”

We can help any business grow with our effective travel incentive marketing strategies.

We specialize in preparing unique packages to fit every business’s needs and budget.

Automotive is one industry that has had great success with travel incentives, but there are many more. The top companies that most often utilize our travel incentive services include:

  • Credit Unions
  • Dealerships
  • Furniture
  • Home Improvement

Travel incentives are great marketing tools.

Whether you are looking to attract more customers, increase sales, or improve employee morale and loyalty, we have incentive packages for your company regardless of what industry you come from.

Kalilei Vacations strives for excellence in customer service. It’s this passion that has made us one of the top companies in travel incentive marketing for businesses of all kinds.

Industry Incentives

“Let it never be forgotten that a credit union, is above all else, an association of people, not dollars”

Credit unions are people and service oriented.

It’s often hard to market in this industry and it becomes a difficult task to secure new members and set up new loans. That’s why travel incentives are a great match for credit unions. It gives them a competitive edge in an industry full of large bank branches with huge marketing budgets. You have in your hand, ready to go, a value-added bonus for the everyday people who do business with you, or who are potentially thinking of switching over from conventional banks.

We have seen our incentives work time and time again in this industry. People love free travel opportunities. Credit unions are gaining a tremendous amount of customer satisfaction with our programs.

Kalilei Vacations works with your business to create a marketing incentive plan that works for your company. We take your budget seriously and give you what we believe your customers will love. It’s a team collaboration between you and us, and we place it as a high priority to make sure your company succeeds.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level with incentive travel, contact Kalilei Vacations now!

Travel incentives have been found to have astonishing results in the auto dealership industry.

With the daunting task of increasing sales and the number of people who walk through your front door, the right promotional tool such as travel can really create wonders!

Travel incentives have proven to be the most effective and efficient marketing tools for closing auto deals, and bringing more foot traffic to the dealership.

They can:

  • Entice potential customers to come to look at what you have to offer. Many dealerships use the free travel voucher in their advertising to get customers to come to check out their auto inventory.
  • Boost sales at the point of purchase. Getting a customer to sign on the dotted line is often the most difficult step. With a travel incentive, it often is a welcoming surprise with a substantial reward feeling.
  • Be used as a “thank you” to all new customers. Keeping them coming back for services, maintenance, and giving them something positive to remember their car buying experience. They will tell others!
  • Travel Incentives are also a GREAT incentive to offer the dealership employees for reaching certain goals. When it comes to employee satisfaction, winning travel vouchers supersede cash, gift cards, and theme park tickets. They create lasting memories that employees can associate with their company.

If you are ready to run a travel incentive promotion for your dealership, Kalilei Vacations is your number one choice. With seasoned travel agents and professional incentive marketing specialists, we can create the perfect package for your business.

Call Kalilei Vacations today to set up your free travel incentive consultation.

Let us guess:

You’d like to get more foot traffic, entice your customers to buy the expensive money-making items, find ways to deplete old inventory and increase your sales and profits.

Sound about right? Owning a furniture business can be tricky. There’s a tremendous amount of competition, a huge amount of inventory, a number of employees to manage, and customers to keep happy. Although it may not have crossed your mind, incentive travel is a great way to satisfy many of your company’s marketing needs.

Incentive travel vouchers are also great for increasing employee morale. If employees are given a free dream vacation as an incentive, it is proven that they will work harder to reach sales goals. And happy employees always can happy customers. It’s a task, but keeping your employees happy is a huge key to the success of any business.

No matter what your marketing challenge may be, Kalilei Vacations can help address it. Travel has been proven to be one of the best forms of marketing and incentives companies can use to better their business.

If you are ready to give your furniture store the boost it may need to gain a competitive advantage in your industry, Kalilei Vacations is ready for you! Call us today for your free travel incentive consultation.

Making an investment in a new air conditioning unit, flooring for the family room, cabinets for the kitchen or any other home improvement project is a big investment for a homeowner and often causes hesitation and anxiety. People are very prone to shopping for quotes on such big priced items and going with the offer that holds the most value to the dollar. With a travel incentive, you could seal the deal above all your competitors and beat out the competition easily.

We have worked with many home improvement companies setting up the perfect incentive. We’ve seen sales volumes increase as customers are enticed to sign on the dotted line and get their 2 for one deal.

Home Improvement Marketing Ideas

  • When you leave a quote for a new AC, or home renovation, imagine leaving a flyer about the 5-day cruise they would receive if they purchased with your company. This speaks volumes to the customer and adds excitement to the deal.
  • Run an eye-catching deal with the sale of a new air conditioning system that promotes cool AC in the summer, and a tropical cruise to get away from the cold in the winter
  • Use travel incentives to entice customers during the slow seasons to keep your installations flowing all year long.

Don’t forget, this is an industry where it is common and even promoted to get 3 to 5 quotes before settling into a contract for home improvement work. It’s imperative that you make your company stands out with something to remember. This is a great time to utilize a travel incentive as a bonus offer.

If you are ready to up your marketing strategy and win customer contracts over other competitors, call Kalilei Travel to schedule your free travel incentive consultation today.

Imagine this promotion!

A customer purchases a diamond ring and gets a free honeymoon to go along with it.

The grooms-to-be will be knocking your doors down! They are about to spend a fortune on their new wives, their shopping around, but this is one incentive they won’t forget and that will tip the odds greatly in your favor for the sale. We can make this happen for your jewelry store when you partner with us for travel incentives.

We are currently successfully helping jewelry stores increase revenues with our travel promotions.

Here’s why:

  • You don’t have to reduce the price of your high-quality item to make a sale final. The added value of the travel incentive will make up for that.
  • Travel incentives are a special promotion. They should only be used once or twice a year to get the highest impact possible.
  • Travel incentives are interesting, attention-grabbing, and have effective results.
  • Or you may use travel incentives to motivate your employees to reach certain sales goals. The harder they work towards rewarding prizes such as a free vacation, the higher your sales will be.

If you’d like to give your jewelry store a competitive edge and increase traffic through your door, call Kalilei Vacations for your free Travel Incentive Consultation.

The real estate industry is a very competitive market.

You quite often find yourself hustling to close the deal.

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to work so hard, but had a tool that could work magic in having clients sign on the dotted line? We got exactly what you need. Stop dropping the price down and cutting into your profits. Instead, offer a free vacation travel incentive. You not only add a tremendous value amount to the sale, but you also give your company a tremendous competitive advantage. After seeing 5 or 6 houses in a day, rest assured, your home will stand out as the memorable one!

Travel vouchers are not only helpful in closing the deal, but they are also great for generating referrals and repeat business. Customers work really hard in the homebuying process. After all the paperwork is complete and financing finally secured, you still have to move and that is a lot of work! A nice vacation is a great way to unwind after things settle.

Travel incentives work great for the Real Estate industry. They are a powerful way to make your company stand out from the rest, and they are not yet too widely used. Real Estate companies are seeing great results.

They are also being used as sales incentives on the inside:

  • Use a travel incentive to reward listeners and clients who buy and sell through your brokerage.
  • Use the voucher to entice listings
  • Offer travel “thank yous” to rental property clients for allowing your company to manage their properties.

Travel incentives are going to increase your sales. If you are ready to include this powerful tool in your upcoming marketing, contact Kalilei Vacations today for your free consultation.

Marketing departments look no further!

You now have access to one of the most powerful marketing tools available.

Travel incentive has been proven by Harvard University to be one of the most useful ways to market for a business both internally and externally. Businesses that use travel incentives to reward their employees for reaching goals have higher employee satisfaction, higher employee morale and a higher level of employee loyalty. This, in turn, creates satisfied and happy employees who work harder, have more pride in their work, and produce greater results in whatever business they may be in.

Companies have also had a tremendous amount of success using travel incentives for their customers. Travel vouchers have been successful in motivating customers to purchase higher-priced items, are a great way to add value to the purchase price of a home or lease, and can even place the odds in a company’s favor for winning bids when it comes to home improvement jobs.

We work with marketing departments all over the country providing a variety of vacation packages that they can offer their clients. It’s simple. Effective. And very cost-efficient. If you would like to hear how you can satisfy your clients with one of the greatest marketing tools, call us today for a free consultation.

No matter what industry you are in, your business relies on word of mouth and a strategic marketing plan.

Medical and dental offices are no different.

They face a tremendous amount of competition in today’s market, and it’s important to stay savvy and creative with your advertising to gain a competitive edge over your peers. That is why many medical offices have chosen to use travel incentives for their businesses.

They can work in two ways:

  • As a reward for medical technicians and office staff for their loyalty and hard work. If you find good employees, you want to keep them happy. If they feel appreciated and secure, they will, in turn, perform better and provide better customer service. Lots of offices take their staff on a yearly vacation as a thank you and group bonding experience.
  • To add value to the services and supplies that are sold. Many cosmetic services cost a great deal of money, and customers often shop around for the best location, doctor, and price. Travel incentives give people something to remember when they get a quote from your company.

For example, perhaps a dentist’s office may want to give away a free vacation to everyone who partakes in a whitening treatment during the month of May. Although the procedure itself may not be an expensive sale, it gives many people that extra nudge to go ahead and get the procedure done! A win-win for everyone involved.

Ready to up your marketing and do something exciting and new? Contact Kalilei Vacations for your free travel incentive consultation.

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